Sex in Roman Times

  • 26-01-2017 - 30-04-2017
26 January / 30 April 2017

Primarily conceived for an adult audience, this exhibition showcases a group of Roman period pieces from the holdings of museums in Catalonia accompanied by reproductions of paintings from the time, often quite explicit, and texts by authors in Latin. Taken as a whole, the selection is designed to throw light on sex in ancient Rome from the times of the Republic until the fourth century: sex within marriage, different ways of making love, extramarital relations, the art of seduction and the sexuality of the gods, in which men were reflected.

This is the first exhibition organised by Arqueoxarxa, a network of the main archaeology museums and sites in Catalonia. It is directed and coordinated by Museu de Badalona, where it opened for the first time before touring to other museums.
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