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An Edetan fort: Puntal dels Llops (Olocau, Valencia)

Vitrina 105
Puntal dels Llops (Olocau, Valencia) is a fort or watchtower of barely 600 square meters located in a strategic viewpoint overlooking the rift of Carraixet and part of the Camp-de-Turia plain.
Puntal is a fortified settlement with a defensive wall of over a meter wide and a tower for surveillance and communication with other similar forts located in the mountainous border of Sierra Calderona.
Around thirty people lived there engaged in agricultural work, mining and metallurgical processing. Overall, El Puntal dels Llops should be understood as a fortified residence governed by an Edetan chief of the equestrian elite.
The vessels in this showcase are of the same type as those found in other Iberian sites (Iberian tableware and Greek and Italic black glaze imports). Although in this case the violent destruction of the village and its subsequent abandonment contributed to its excellent state of preservation.
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